DMT Mopar  Hood Insulation Pads

DMT Brand 1/2" thick, matte face, black, automotive spec, fiberglass insulation, die cut pads were reverse engineered from multiple samples and test fits to be the best product available. 

Mopar used molded hood insulation pads on most models when an upgrade package was ordered. The pad was approx 1/2" thick. 62-65 cars used a wide, rectangular, metal clip to hold the insulation to the underside of the hood. 67-71 cars used narrow, rectangular, metal clips. And 72 and up cars used narrow, curved, black plastic clips. 

We manufacture the 2 metal clips from spring stainless to the exact same same as OEM. Then they are plated black so the will never rust. They can be stripped of the black plating to look like OEM bare metal or some have even polished the to a shiny, chrome like finish.

One last note, we ship these rolled, placed in a plastic poly tube bag and then ship in a cardboard box. Other manufacturers (and resellers of their products) ship these folded. That makes for more space efficient shipping but the hood pads fray and tear at each crease and fold. Not good.

NEW! DMT Stainless Hood Pop Up Springs
Replacement hood pop up springs made from stainless spring wire. Looks like bare steel. Can be polished. Will never tarnish or corrode.