We ARE the manufacturer of 60's and 70's Mopar body restoration gaskets and gasket sets! 

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  • 62-76 Mopar (also AMC, Ford & GM) auto and truck body restoration gaskets and gasket sets.
    MEGA restoration gasket sets
    - all gaskets, weatherstrips & soft pieces 
    Mega splash shield sets - and individual splash shields
    Individual body gaskets - parking light, taillight, door handle, etc
    Firewall & kickpanel insulationHeater box restoration sets
  • 95% of the products we sell are manufactured by us in Warren, MI using laser, CNC and die cutting equipment since 2006.
  • All raw materials purchased here in the US from some of the original Chrysler suppliers. All materials are automotive spec or better.
  • All our rubber extrusions (hood seals, taillight trim, etc) are made here in the Midwest
  • Every effort is made to make our gaskets the most accurate shape and material available. 
  • See our "TECH INFO" page for links to individuals and restoration shops using our products 
  • We are a distributor of the following products that meet our quality standards
    Top Cat & First Place Auto Parts
    - belt line weatherstrips (cat whiskers)
    Metro Moulded Products, SoffSeal & Steele Rubber - weatherstripping 
    Precision Replacement Parts & Steele Rubber - windshield and rear window seals

Note: Till we fully populate our store, all our products can be found on our DMT Ebay Store

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New Products

  • logos-01-150.jpg

    NEW! "Heavy Steel" Plasma Cut Mopar Script and Logo Wall Art
    Cut from raw 10 gauge (1/8"+) mild steel. These can be left raw with the rust and color caused by the plasma cutter or sanded, painted, powder coated, plated, etc.

    Great Christmas gift, man cave shop art or race trailer art.

  • bxx6870td01-150.jpg

    DMT Mopar Rear Seat Trunk Dividers with and without jute / shoddy backing
    Made from .120" heavy black chipboard just like OE
    (2) versions; plain black chipboard or with 3/8" sound deadening shoddy insulation attached.
    Shipped flat, sandwiched between a sheet of luan and heavy cardboard. Not rolled or stuffed in a box. (68-70 B Body shown)

  • bsu7070pk01-150.jpg

    DMT 70 Plymouth Superbird Premium Paint Gasket Set
    with 1970 Fury parking light gaskets and 1970 Coronet front side marker light gaskets

  • bsu7070ss90-150.jpg

    DMT 9pc 70 Superbird Nose Splash Shield / Seal Set
    Perfect shape and material duplicated for multiple sets of NOS references.
    Comes with the (6) special clips to attach the large seal to the K frame.

    Working on 69 Daytona set......

  • exx7071tr01-150.jpg

    DMT 70-71 E Body Shaker Hood Trim Ring Gaskets
    Laser cut .032" ABS black plastic as OEM.
    Fit is spectacular, of course.

  • exx7074hp01-150.jpg
    DMT Mopar Hood Insulation Pads 
    A Body 67-74

    B Body 71-74 Satellite/Plymouth
    B Body 66-67, 68-69 and 70
    E Body 70-74 & 71-74 Charger (shown at left)
    Will be doing them for all models.
    1/2" thick premium matte faced black insulation
    Available with OEM style plastic clips like used on all 72 and up cars OR
    our own, new OEM style metal clips made from stainless and plated black!
  • bxx6870fi01150.jpg
    DMT Mopar Firewall & KickPanel Insulation Sets! 
    A Body 63-64, 65-66, 67-72 AC & Non AC, 73-74 AC & Non AC (75-76 rubber soon) 

    B Body 62-65 Plymouth, 62-65 Dodge, 66-67 Non AC, 68-70 Non AC, 66-70 AC
    B Body 71-74 Non AC & AC
    C Body 65-68 Non AC (need an AC sample) and 69-71 AC (need non AC sample)
    E Body 70-74 AC & Non AC
    Correct shape and fit. MANY more versions than previously available. 
    PREMIUM version with layers of saturated felt paper and long fiber yellow insulation. 
  • bch6870sa01-150.jpg

    DMT Mopar Sail Panel Boards
    A 67-72
    B 68-70 Charger
    E 70-71 Challenger (next)
    Will be doing them for all models. If you don't see the one you need contact us.
    Very  accurate shape, creases and clips. 
    Black is great under black headliners. 
    Also available in Tan, the OEM color, better under lighter color headliners. 

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