DMT Mopar Dash & Console Woodgrain and Carbon Fiber Vinyl Overlays

We use the highest quality vinyl available, 3M DiNoc, to make dash and console overlays for most Mopar models. We use this material because it doesn't shrink. It's a commercial grade, exterior use rated vinyl. Before you purchase another vinyl overlay ask if it's 3M Dinoc (with the 3M logo on the release liner).

Mopar used 2 different woodgrain colors;
Kashmir (Teak) - used on most 68-70 B Bodies and 70 only E bodies
Dark Walnut - used on almost everything else 67-76 A Bodies, 71-74 B Bodies and 71-74 E Bodies

We also offer 2 additional color vinyls;
Dark Gray/Black Carbon Fiber - for a modern, resto-mod look
Black Grained Leather - for a different but retro look

The overlays are EASILY applied by wetting the overlay back and surface liberally with Windex. Then float the overlay into place and blot dry. The adhesive on the back of the 3M Dinoc vinyl has a cross hatch pattern to assist in the release of any trapped Windex or air bubbles. See application video in our Tech Section.