DMT Mopar Seat Back Trunk Divider 

DMT Brand
.100" THICK, die cut, solid black chipboard trunk dividers were reverse engineered from multiple samples and test fits to be the best product available. 

We make these in the plain solid black chipboard version or with jute/shoddy insulation / sound deadener already applied. The factory never used jute on the trunk divider like some of the other car manufactures back in the day but it's a great idea to keep the sounds from the trunk IN the trunk. 

Shipping - Our trunk dividers are shipped gently curved in an oversize 12" x 12" x 60 box (15" x 15" x 56" for Dusters) with cardboard supports on the edges. This extra effort is to make sure they arrive undamaged.

Note: Shipping costs within a couple states of Michigan is very reasonable. To the coasts or west of the Mississippi gets prohibitively expensive. Call us at 586-777-7167 for shipping quote/help in this case.