DMT Taillight Quarter Extension Gaskets

Made from .035" thick black, ABS plastic, these are more of an anti-abrasion device than an gaskets. They fit between the decorative end of the quarter panel (quarter extension) and the quarter panel. They were used on years form 65-69. Most are held in place by the quarter extension mounting studs. One, the 1969 Roadrunner, is held on by 3 plastic pushpins per side. Not MOST 69 Roadrunners didn't have these from the factory but all had provisions to use them. For a nice restoration and to keep the quarter extension from chipping the paint on the quarter panel these would be a wise addition.

In spite of 70 Roadrunner quarter extension gaskets being available in the aftermarket, there were never used on any 1970 or later extensions. We have a very nice version that Mopar should have made for the 70 Roadrunner :)