DMT Mopar Firewall Insulation & Kick Panel Insulation Sets

These are the most complete and correct firewall insulations available. We have spent years collecting samples and working with great Mopars people to test fit our firewall and kickpanel insulation.

Our firewall insulation is made from .100" THICK, die cut, solid black chipboard with 1" long fiber yellow fiberglass insulation. Much thicker, more correct insulation and accurate shape than anything that's been offered in the past. All our insulation sets come with our own installation pins / nails. We have 2 lengths of installation pins; a long version used on most 66 and up years and a short version used on all 62-65 years. We are the only manufacturer with the correct early, short pins.

We make these in the solid black chipboard and fiberglass insulation version or a PREMIUM version with multiple layers of felt paper for heavy weight & sound dampening of the OE firewall insulation.

Looking for the following samples to duplicate;

60-62 Valiant, 61-62 Lancer