In 1977, at 15, my first car was a 70 Barracuda I bought for $600 from my dad's co-worker at Chrysler Huber Ave Foundry. Tawny gold, 318, hub caps. Before I could "legally" drive it it had headers and a 4bbl. Had a couple other Mopars after this as a young man.

25 years later it was time to get another Mopar. After looking for 2 years I found a 1971 B5 blue Challenger right here in Michigan. 318 and hubcaps again. This time it cost over 10x as much, $6500. Didn't take long to add wheels, new leaf springs, 340 6bbl, etc. A year or two later I decided to completely redo the car. Had it media blasted and painted B5 blue again BUT when I went to put it back together I found  there were no good body gaskets sets for Mopars. The gasket making journey began.

In 2004 I first made a kit to redo my Non A/C heater box using a laser engraver/cutter that I had for another side business. I showed the guys on Moparts.com and quickly had a few orders. I obviously made all the gaskets for my car because I had all the parts for templates. Many parts fit the other E body models so I soon had all the E body gaskets, then more body style, then more heater box kits and the rest is history.

Thanks, Jim and Loretta Fillmore


PS Now my Challenger has a 470" shortblock built by Andy Finkbeiner (link to magzine article of the engine), Edelbrock Performer Heads max ported by Jeff at Modern Cylinder Head, TTI headers all backed by a McLeod Street Twin clutch feeding a Passon Performance all aluminum Hemi 4 speed. I drive it back and forth to work often. I feel like a 10 year old at Christams every time I do!

Lately I've been thinking about a new Hemi, Passon 5 speed and a full Hotchkis setup for a Pro Touring theme.