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Detroit Muscle Technologies

Restoration gasket sets for Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and AMC

Our next show... 
Chrysler Power Classic
National Trails Raceway May 20-22, 2016
2650 National Road SW, Hebron, OH 43025

Whats NEW in 2016!

Our own line of firewall and kickpanel insulation! 
Correct shape and fit. MANY more versions than had previously been available. 
A Body 63-64, 65-66, 67-72 AC &  Non AC, 73-74 AC & Non AC (75-76 rubber soon) 
B Body 62-65 Plymouth, 62-65 Dodge, 66-67 Non AC, 68-70 Non AC, 66-70 AC
B Body 71-74 Non AC & AC
C Body 65-68 Non AC (need an AC sample to duplicate) and 69-71 AC (need a non AC sample to duplicate)
E Body 70-74 AC & Non AC

Our own line of sail panels.
These are very correct. I reverse engineer the sail panels from at least 2 or 3 original sets to gurantee an accurate shape, creases and clips. Black is great under black headliners. Tan, the color of the OEM panels is better under lighter color headliners. Some sail panels were painted or covered in headliner fabric. We only supply the bare sail panel at this time.
68-70 Charger
E 70-71 Barracuda
E 70-71 Challenger 

Detroit Muscle Technologies IS the manufacturer, not a reseller.
We make Mopar body restoration gaskets using the most correct materials, most accurate shape using modern CAD, laser, waterjet and cutting technologies. We manufacture every gasket to fit the way we would expect for our own cars. Each has been reverse engineered using the original gasket as a reference and test fit on the actual part that the gasket is for. Our line of products includes but is not limited to......... 

MEGA restoration gasket sets - exterior/paint, firewall, heater box, splash shields, weatherstripping, firewall &  kickpanel insulation, under dash shoddy pad, mega body plug and bumper kit
Paint / Body gasket sets - all exterior gaskets
Firewall gasket sets - all interior gaskets, A/C and NON A/C
Misc / Individual Gaskets - Lock, Antenna, Door Handle, Steering Column, Axle, etc.

Heater box restoration gasket kits - A/C and NON A/C
Woodgrain & carbon fiber overlays - console and dash vinyl overlays

Note: Till we fully populate our store, all our products can be found on our DMT Ebay Store


Show Schedule

WPC Club - Great Lakes Region Annual Winter Swap 
Mt Clemens, MI - Jan 31, 2016 
Walter P Chrysler Club Inc. - Great Lakes Region

Ohio Motorsports Expo & Winter Classic Swap 
Columbus, OH Feb 27, 2016
Ohio Expo Center, Lausche Building

Monster Mopar 
Indianapolis, IN March 5-6, 2016

Mid-Ohio Mopars Swap Meet  
Dalton, OH Buckeye Event Center April 16 & 17, 2016

North Oakland Mopar Muscle - All Mopar car Show & Swap Meet
Packard Proving Ground Shelby Township, MI  April 24 8AM-3PM
49965 Van Dyke, Shelby Township, MI 48317

Chrysler Power Classic
National Trails Raceway Hebron, OH May 20-22, 2016
2650 National Road SW, Hebron, OH 43025

Midwest Mopars in the Park
Farmington, IN June 4-5, 2016
4008 220th St Farminton, MN 55024

CEMA Show at the Walter P Reuther Museum
Rochester, MI June 11, 2016

Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals
Carlisle, PA July 15-17, 2015
Spots O113-118 Near the middle of the main entrance row

Monster Mopar
Norwalk, OH July 29-31, 2016
1300 Ohio 18, Norwalk, OH 44857

Mopar Nationals 
National Trails Raceway Hebron, OH August 12-14, 2016
2650 National Road SW, Hebron, OH 43025

Mopars with Big Daddy Show
Ocala, FL November 5-6, 2016
13700 SW 16th Ave, Ocala, FL 34473

Ohio Mopar Expo 
Columbus, OH Nov 19, 2016
Ohio Expo Center, Rhodes Building, 717 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43211



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