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Detroit Muscle Technologies

Restoration Gaskets for 62-76 Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler 

Our next show (be sure to pre-order)... 
WPC Club - Great Lakes Region Annual Winter Swap 
Mt Clemens, MI Sunday, Jan 26th 2014
Walter P Chrysler Club Inc. - Great Lakes Region

Detroit Muscle Technologies IS the manufacturer, not a reseller, of Mopar body restoration gaskets using the most correct materials made to the most accurate shape using modern CAD, laser, waterjet and cutting technologies. We manufacture every gasket to fit the way we would expect for our own cars. Each has been reverse engineered using the original gasket as a reference and test fit on the actual part that the gasket is for. Our line of products includes but is not limited to.........  

Mega restoration gasket sets - exterior/paint, firewall, heater box, splash shields, weatherstripping, firewall &  kickpanel insulation, under dash shoddy pad, mega body plug and bumper kit
Paint / Body gasket sets - all exterior gaskets
Firewall gasket sets - all interior gaskets, A/C and NON A/C
Misc / Individual Gaskets - Lock, Antenna, Door Handle, Steering Column, Axle, etc.

Heater box restoration gasket kits - A/C and NON A/C
Woodgrain and carbon fiber overlays - console and dash vinyl overlays

Till we fully populate our store, all our products can be found on our DMT Ebay Store

Looking for the following items for templates.........

Trunk Mats - All models, hardtop and convertible. Would purchase your old one as along as it can be used as a template OR will swap your old one for a new, currently available REM fleece backed vinyl trunk mat.
Rear Seat Diver Cardboard - All models. Need for templates.
Under Dash Shoddy Pad - 63-66 A body, 62-65 B body and all C bodies. 
Gas Tank Pads - 63-66 A body, 62-65 B body, 66-67 B body, 68-70 B body and all C bodies
Rear Window Package Trays - All models.
Firewall & Kickpanel Induslation - All models both AC and Non AC.

FINALLY! As of Feb 2013 we are now in a new building at 23624 Roseberry, Warren, MI  48089.


Newly released, Mega Splash Shield Sets
Complete sets of all the masticated rubber items under the front fenders (Note: all may not apply to your year/model); 

splash-example-15x150.jpg67 Coronet example shown here
-rear splash plate top shield and extruded rubber side strips
-headlight splash shields
-radiator air deflector splash shields (not shown)
-frame rail splash shields (not shown in this set)
-engine well access opening splash shields
-starter/auto trans linkage splash shields
-lower splash pan shield

Shows we attend
WPC Club - Great Lakes Region Annual Winter Swap 
Mt Clemens, MI - Jan 26, 2014 
Walter P Chrysler Club Inc. - Great Lakes Region

Monster Mopar
Indianapolis, IN March 5-6, 2014

Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals
Carlisle, PA July 13-15, 2014
We have new spots! O113-118 Near the middle of the main entrance row

Mopar Nationals 
Hebron, OH August 10-12, 2014

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